How To Make Use Of Fall Decor?

Natural Fall Decor for Your Home

Take a break and go outside for a while. It is autumn; there is no doubt about that. The temperature has dropped, and the air is crisp. Leaves on the trees are turning into a beautiful array of red, yellow, and orange. You can bring a small part of the fall season into your home, too, in the form of fall wreaths. Below are some of our favorite fall decorating ideas which you can even use for your wedding decorations. They are both affordable and sustainable. You can also find out more here about how to up your wedding decor in a post-pandemic world.

Different Fall Decorating Ideas

  • Pumpkins- Little pumpkins are a popular choice for candle holders at this time of the year, especially at farmers’ markets and other shops across the country. Take some pumpkin stems with you on your next shopping trip. Next, use an apple corer or knife to make a hole that will fit the base of a soy-based taper candle. Other small gourds can be used to achieve the same effect. You can continue to use the candle holders until you are ready to decorate for Christmas or Hanukkah. At that point, you may either throw the pumpkins in the compost bin or recycle them.
  • Centerpieces with Fall Fruit: Fill transparent containers, vases, or other containers with autumn fruits, such as grapes and apples, peppercorns, and figs. This will create a beautiful centerpiece for your fall table. The peppercorns can last months, while the rest of the items will rot and become compost fodder a bit sooner.
  • Nut wreaths: These were traditionally reserved for holidays. Make a fall-themed wreath to decorate your front door by adding earth-toned nuts, foliage, and leaves to a frame. For a rustic DIY decoration, use small pine cones and acorns that have fallen from the trees.
  • Owl Pinecone Crafts: Let your children get involved in decorating by making these cute owl pine cone crafts that they can display in their favorite places. This artistic activity can be made by gathering large pine cones from your yard, garden, or local park. You can combine them with other craft materials at home to make a project that is both time-efficient and child-friendly.

Although it’s not decor, you can use seasonal scents to infuse your home with autumn aromas by placing them into an efficient crockpot. Start by filling the slow cooker with half of the water. Next, add in apple slices, cinnamon sticks, and orange peels. Finally, add vanilla and butternut squash slices to ensure that everything is well combined. Let everything simmer on low heat until it is all combined. This will allow you to make a green, all-natural perfume party.