Top House Colours Trending In Siding Renovations For 2020

Understanding The Trends

Selecting the right colour for your house or sliding renovations can be difficult if you are not aware of recent trends. When you start searching about the trends in websites and magazines, you will probably get limited information, not much more than you already have. Siding contractors Toronto have listed their 2020 siding projects and have also given a breakup of all the projects by primary colours. Read more here about how the appearance of metal siding can affect the future development of buildings. These project designs are selected by the real house owners, not the designer or the builder.

Top Five Trending Siding Colours

Gray – Light To Medium

One of the most popular colours in 2020 is light to medium grey. Even if you want to select the grey siding with black or white accents, you will be still on trend. Dark greys are not so popular these days when compared to light greys. The light grey colour looks great and will give a beautiful result when mixed with green accents. Some greys have a warm undertone, while the others have a cooler feel.


Blue has been a favourite colour for most people for decades, and the colour is still loved today. It is the colour used in most apps, cars, clothing, packages, etc. Blue colour complements siding and architectural styles and it can make your house appear larger and bring a sense of calmness and brightness. If you would like to ensure that you need a trendy but timeless design, the best choice would be the shades of blue. However, give importance to the colours around your home. More greenery with less blue will make your home appear greener and not blue.


One of the all-time favourite colours is white and shades of it. Rather than going for crisp white, it will be a better option to opt for off-white or warm shades. As per your preferences, you can opt for a darker or brighter colour. Modern Farmhouse is quite trending these days as it is intended to be pretty minimalist and depends on white materials. When incorporated with natural wood and black colours, the sidings will look great.

Dark Gray

Grey sidings have become quite popular that even if we opt for dark grays, they will end up in the top trending colours. There has been a decline in the darker greys selection because manufacturers have introduced various medium greys to the colour lists.


Green is one of the common colours selected by families. The drawback of using green siding is that it is a much less versatile colour selection. This primary hue may not blend well with other colours. So selection of the right green siding colour should be made after carefully considering the designs.

While selecting the siding colour, you must also consider certain things such as how long the siding colour will last, how much upkeeping you would like to do, etc. Considering these can help you choose the right siding colour.